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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Carroll's Mead Honey Wine, no vintage on the bottle (about $12)

About the Wine:  Honey can be fermented and even a very rudimentary knowledge of human nature and history teaches that if it will ferment, people will make a drink out of it.  Carroll's Mead is said to come from an Irish family recipe developed some time in the Middle Ages.

About THIS Wine:  The wine is light yellow in the glass and has no distinct rim.  The nose is acidic and slightly earthy, reminiscent of lagered beer (aka Budweiser.)  The palate is like a Riesling without the citrus, just a tart sweetness.  The finish is more sugary sweet.  I personally like sweet things, so this palate and finish did not bother me.  When I gave it to a dry drinker she made a face similar to a cartoon character that has just an anvil dropped on its foot.

Drinking This Wine:  Definitely a food wine.  It is just too sweet for most drinkers to enjoy by itself.  I had it with roasted chicken and the pairing was quite nice.  It would also work well with spicy food.

Overall Impression:  Not really blown away by this wine.  As novelty for the sweet drinker it is reasonable for the price.

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